seeing brighter through shiny glasses

Aaron Hill once quoted “don’t call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses.” So what is a better way to see clearly than with a new pair?
I absolutely love Kate Spade. So you can imagine my excitement when it came time to pick out new frames for my glasses and my eye doctor was carrying all of her new styles! It, however, take a while to find a pair that fit me (and my personality). I was about ready to settle for a pair of Guess frames but then in the very last moment I saw a pair of Kate Spades and I knew I had to have them. I tried them on and immediately fell in love, as did my mom and my eye doctor.
So, what am I wearing?
I have on the Kate Spade Vivi eyeglasses and I’ve never been happier! I’m not a huge fan of glasses to begin with, they’re more of a hassle in my opinion, but my new pair has changed my opinion quite a bit. The style is much different than what I have previously worn. I adore them! The slight cat eye is so cute and the gold glitter on the back is probably my favorite part about them. Not only are they cute but they’re comfy as well. They’re light weight on my face and half the time i barely notice I even have them on! The perks of cute glasses are the cute glasses cases they come in too.
I’ve found myself wearing my glasses more often than not (for the better of course, my driving has greatly improved) and I like the style they add to my everyday look. My older sister Alex calls them my “blogger” glasses. She thinks she’s funny sometimes.

Also, if you live in the local area I would certainly love to refer you to Rio Eyecare ! It’s run by Dr. Clatanoff and Dr. Planitz, both of whom are incredibly kind and helpful!

If you have any comments on my glasses or would like to share about a favorite pair of your own, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment 🙂
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xo Morgan


weekday doodles and how tos

Yesterday my sister Maddie was walking around the house singing Lady Gaga’s “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.” Now as much as I don’t necessarily enjoy that song, I was sitting at my desk with my sketchbook open and a pen in hand, so naturally I decided to doodle a little. To tell you the truth, this is the first “doodle” of mine I’ve ever shared publicly (first of many is my plan). 

On another note, I mentioned on my Instagram account (@liliesandholly) earlier last week that I bought a hanging shelf with drawers from Hobby Lobby. It wasn’t any normal purchase however, it was 80% off! Originally $60 and I managed to find it for $12. Now I’m sure what you’re thinking, why would it be cut down so much? Well because to tell you the truth, I didn’t really buy a so called “hanging shelf with drawers”, but more so a pile of particle board poorly glued together. The poor little creation was obviously beaten around a bit therefore landing itself in the clearance isle. I picked it up and deduced that it only needed a little wood glue and my problem would be solved. It took a little more than that…

I started off by asking my dad for help, because when it doubt get your dad right? Well he glued every little edge and corner possible and the thing is as sturdy as ever (we used Elmer’s Wood Glue). After it was dry, I sanded down the original paint and then repainted it white. I sanded it again to get back the original distressed look. After that I was covered in a solid cost of white dust. 
After it was painted, I once again went to my father for help. I had picked out three new drawer knobs, at Hobby Lobby as well, to replace the current ones since one was missing. I took out the old knobs and realized the screws to the new ones were far too long for the drawers. To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure what my dad did but when he came back inside the new knobs were intact and shortened! Good as new. 
Now my real question is, is it finished? I love seeing a project that I’ve completed. Seeing the assembled and functional drawers as opposed to its original state was truly an accomplishment, but I can’t decide if this is where it ends. 

If you have any recommendation for finishing touches, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment 🙂
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xo Morgan

little morning indulgences


A cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal has never tasted so good. 
Recently I’ve become a coffee consumer and I’d like to think it was for the better but slowly the addiction has begun. 
Besides that, I truly feel like a mini version of my dad. Every morning he sits outside, and eats his breakfast consisting of a cup of coffee and cereal with fresh fruit cut up and tossed inside. Won’t he be so proud?
I’ve been happily scrolling through my Pinterest feed all morning at home decor and DIY pins and boards. Why you ask? Well starting in July, I am beginning my job as a Community Assistant for the dorms on my school’s campus. So because of this and training being the first week of July, I move into my new dorm July 6th. Insanely early, yes I know.  I may not be looking forward to giving up my current summer of sleeping in late, working out and spending all day poolside, but I’m sooo excited to decorate decorate decorate. Like I said, I’ve been searching throughout Pinterest like crazy starting the day  I moved home over a month ago. 
I’ve been sleeping in the guest room in my parents house while I’m home for the summer and I have been dying to decorate a room to call my own. With only two weeks left until I can do so, my excitement is extreme!
My list of items I’ve been searching for start with:

1. All forms of stationary
2. Candles
3. Kitchen pots and pans
4. White Bed spread and decorative pillows
5. Vintage white picture frames
6. Ample amounts of Christmas lights
7. Bathroom decor

If you noticed by the list, I have kind of a theme going: white everything. My dorm room last year was pretty overwhelmingly crowded and unorganized.  I’ve decided that didn’t help my productivity (and I have never been big into studying in libraries) and that needs to change. 
Needless to say, I’m excited for this semester. New classes, new room, new job….you could say I like the change. 

If you have any recommendations for decorations or organizing, I’d love to hear them! 🙂 Comment and share with your friends!!

xo Morgan

from hardware to kitchenware: how to make a tile coaster

Once upon a time, i absolutely loved crafting. So the story goes like this:
Maddie, my mom and I were home by ourselves again and I wanted to craft. So we headed to Lowes. What exactly I was looking for, I didn’t know, but that’s the beginning of every great project right?
Naturally we walked through the garden center first because floral displays and potted plants are some of the more inspirational and calming things in life. We made our way past the paint and of course I picked up a couple Pantone paint swatches for later projects. 
After some time we made our way down the tile isle and I found the sample tiles. Without even thinking i picked up a few of the white glossy tiles and headed to checkout, knowing I’d have a few drink coasters to make tonight. Boy am I thankful that small things like that don’t even break a dollar.
A little paint, Sharpies and Pinterest really go a long way. I found some prints on Pinterest that I thought would be adorable on a set of coasters and got to work. I used just regular acrylic paint i picked up from Michael’s and outlined most things with my black fine tipped Sharpie. My Evelyn Henson inspired coaster may be one of my favorites, but who doesn’t love cute quotes and vespas.
Because of the glossy finish on the tiles, the sharpie and paint wouldn’t last against my cups so I sealed it with American Accents Clear Matte sealant . This till make sure that my designs will stay in tact no matter the heat, liquid or scratches they comes in contact with. I have to say, Im fairly excited to put these into good use once I move into my dorm.
Thank you all for reading! i’d love to hear back from you all, whether it be what you think of my project, a project you’ve done, or anything!  So please comment below 🙂 and don’t forget to share this, pin it, tweet it, etc!

xo Morgan 


windy day Monday…

windy day Monday...

Happy Monday everyone! Today was a simple day for myself. With my dad and older sister Alex at work, my littlest sister Delaney at volleyball camp, and the weather far too windy to enjoy an afternoon poolside, my mom and sister Maddie and I made our way over to World Market.

Now I definitely have an eye for the cute things in existence and in my opinion all of World Market is just that. I came across a few things that were exceptionally cute just because of how unique they are. These days I’m very drawn to coastal themes and lighter, pastel colors. The ocean creature mugs were some of the coolest mugs I’ve come across. I might be picking a few of those up in the future.

Before we headed out, I picked up a few things for myself. As some may know, tea is just about one of my absolute favorite things. So I decided to go with the Zhena’s Gypsy Tea sampler and the fabulous ostrich mug. I cannot tell you how excited I am to give those all a taste.

Once my mom, Maddie and I got to the parking lot (back to our spot which was as far away from the front entrance as possible), not only was there someone parked right beside us but my mom’s brand new car had a bright blue door ding! Obviously curtsey of the bright blue Toyota parked right beside us. On any given day this would have been an issue that slide right by, but the owner of the vehicle and the door ding left no note or apology behind. Kindness and apologies are two things greatly cherished by my family. I like to believe that there is far more good in this world than anything else. Maybe the wind just caught the guy’s door, we may never know. We can only hope that he is apologetic for what happened.

Thank you for reading!


for the papas…

for the papas...

In honor of today being my first post, i would like to dedicate it to my dearest Daddy, seeing as how today was Father’s Day.
Gregg, or Greggles as my sisters and I like to call him, is a complicated guy. In the technical sense, I am incredibly similar to him. He is a short tempered, impatient, intelligent and extremely creative Materials Engineer. Myself? Well, I am a short tempered, impatient, “try my hardest in school” type and crafty Civil Engineer in the making. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Now when it comes to the emotional sense of being like him, we’re much different. But thats logical. I’m a young girl. I cry at anything even slightly sentimental whether it be sad, happy, funny or have no reason at all. Im sensitive. But my dad, on the other hand, is strong. He’s the bravest, toughest guy I know. He’s my daddy, my best friend, the first man I loved and my role model for my future husband. He’s the most important person in my life (well next to my mama and my sisters). 
Having a dad, especially one like my own, is the greatest blessing. He’s giving, but at a moderation. He was the person who taught me to work for everything, because that in which you put all your effort, is the most valuable. 
Father’s Day is just one day in a year, but to me, every day should be worth praising our papas for all the things they do!