for the papas…

for the papas...

In honor of today being my first post, i would like to dedicate it to my dearest Daddy, seeing as how today was Father’s Day.
Gregg, or Greggles as my sisters and I like to call him, is a complicated guy. In the technical sense, I am incredibly similar to him. He is a short tempered, impatient, intelligent and extremely creative Materials Engineer. Myself? Well, I am a short tempered, impatient, “try my hardest in school” type and crafty Civil Engineer in the making. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Now when it comes to the emotional sense of being like him, we’re much different. But thats logical. I’m a young girl. I cry at anything even slightly sentimental whether it be sad, happy, funny or have no reason at all. Im sensitive. But my dad, on the other hand, is strong. He’s the bravest, toughest guy I know. He’s my daddy, my best friend, the first man I loved and my role model for my future husband. He’s the most important person in my life (well next to my mama and my sisters). 
Having a dad, especially one like my own, is the greatest blessing. He’s giving, but at a moderation. He was the person who taught me to work for everything, because that in which you put all your effort, is the most valuable. 
Father’s Day is just one day in a year, but to me, every day should be worth praising our papas for all the things they do! 


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