windy day Monday…

windy day Monday...

Happy Monday everyone! Today was a simple day for myself. With my dad and older sister Alex at work, my littlest sister Delaney at volleyball camp, and the weather far too windy to enjoy an afternoon poolside, my mom and sister Maddie and I made our way over to World Market.

Now I definitely have an eye for the cute things in existence and in my opinion all of World Market is just that. I came across a few things that were exceptionally cute just because of how unique they are. These days I’m very drawn to coastal themes and lighter, pastel colors. The ocean creature mugs were some of the coolest mugs I’ve come across. I might be picking a few of those up in the future.

Before we headed out, I picked up a few things for myself. As some may know, tea is just about one of my absolute favorite things. So I decided to go with the Zhena’s Gypsy Tea sampler and the fabulous ostrich mug. I cannot tell you how excited I am to give those all a taste.

Once my mom, Maddie and I got to the parking lot (back to our spot which was as far away from the front entrance as possible), not only was there someone parked right beside us but my mom’s brand new car had a bright blue door ding! Obviously curtsey of the bright blue Toyota parked right beside us. On any given day this would have been an issue that slide right by, but the owner of the vehicle and the door ding left no note or apology behind. Kindness and apologies are two things greatly cherished by my family. I like to believe that there is far more good in this world than anything else. Maybe the wind just caught the guy’s door, we may never know. We can only hope that he is apologetic for what happened.

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