from hardware to kitchenware: how to make a tile coaster

Once upon a time, i absolutely loved crafting. So the story goes like this:
Maddie, my mom and I were home by ourselves again and I wanted to craft. So we headed to Lowes. What exactly I was looking for, I didn’t know, but that’s the beginning of every great project right?
Naturally we walked through the garden center first because floral displays and potted plants are some of the more inspirational and calming things in life. We made our way past the paint and of course I picked up a couple Pantone paint swatches for later projects. 
After some time we made our way down the tile isle and I found the sample tiles. Without even thinking i picked up a few of the white glossy tiles and headed to checkout, knowing I’d have a few drink coasters to make tonight. Boy am I thankful that small things like that don’t even break a dollar.
A little paint, Sharpies and Pinterest really go a long way. I found some prints on Pinterest that I thought would be adorable on a set of coasters and got to work. I used just regular acrylic paint i picked up from Michael’s and outlined most things with my black fine tipped Sharpie. My Evelyn Henson inspired coaster may be one of my favorites, but who doesn’t love cute quotes and vespas.
Because of the glossy finish on the tiles, the sharpie and paint wouldn’t last against my cups so I sealed it with American Accents Clear Matte sealant . This till make sure that my designs will stay in tact no matter the heat, liquid or scratches they comes in contact with. I have to say, Im fairly excited to put these into good use once I move into my dorm.
Thank you all for reading! i’d love to hear back from you all, whether it be what you think of my project, a project you’ve done, or anything!  So please comment below 🙂 and don’t forget to share this, pin it, tweet it, etc!

xo Morgan 



17 thoughts on “from hardware to kitchenware: how to make a tile coaster

  1. talle026 says:

    Your coasters are really cute! I love making coasters out of tile. I hot glue felt on to the back of my tiles so that they won’t scratch surfaces.

  2. triedandglue says:

    I have been needing coasters (We’ve been getting away with just 2). And I have been thinking about making some. These are super cute! What a great idea. And thanks for introducing me to Evelyn Henson. 🙂

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