little morning indulgences


A cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal has never tasted so good. 
Recently I’ve become a coffee consumer and I’d like to think it was for the better but slowly the addiction has begun. 
Besides that, I truly feel like a mini version of my dad. Every morning he sits outside, and eats his breakfast consisting of a cup of coffee and cereal with fresh fruit cut up and tossed inside. Won’t he be so proud?
I’ve been happily scrolling through my Pinterest feed all morning at home decor and DIY pins and boards. Why you ask? Well starting in July, I am beginning my job as a Community Assistant for the dorms on my school’s campus. So because of this and training being the first week of July, I move into my new dorm July 6th. Insanely early, yes I know.  I may not be looking forward to giving up my current summer of sleeping in late, working out and spending all day poolside, but I’m sooo excited to decorate decorate decorate. Like I said, I’ve been searching throughout Pinterest like crazy starting the day  I moved home over a month ago. 
I’ve been sleeping in the guest room in my parents house while I’m home for the summer and I have been dying to decorate a room to call my own. With only two weeks left until I can do so, my excitement is extreme!
My list of items I’ve been searching for start with:

1. All forms of stationary
2. Candles
3. Kitchen pots and pans
4. White Bed spread and decorative pillows
5. Vintage white picture frames
6. Ample amounts of Christmas lights
7. Bathroom decor

If you noticed by the list, I have kind of a theme going: white everything. My dorm room last year was pretty overwhelmingly crowded and unorganized.  I’ve decided that didn’t help my productivity (and I have never been big into studying in libraries) and that needs to change. 
Needless to say, I’m excited for this semester. New classes, new room, new job….you could say I like the change. 

If you have any recommendations for decorations or organizing, I’d love to hear them! 🙂 Comment and share with your friends!!

xo Morgan


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