weekday doodles and how tos

Yesterday my sister Maddie was walking around the house singing Lady Gaga’s “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.” Now as much as I don’t necessarily enjoy that song, I was sitting at my desk with my sketchbook open and a pen in hand, so naturally I decided to doodle a little. To tell you the truth, this is the first “doodle” of mine I’ve ever shared publicly (first of many is my plan). 

On another note, I mentioned on my Instagram account (@liliesandholly) earlier last week that I bought a hanging shelf with drawers from Hobby Lobby. It wasn’t any normal purchase however, it was 80% off! Originally $60 and I managed to find it for $12. Now I’m sure what you’re thinking, why would it be cut down so much? Well because to tell you the truth, I didn’t really buy a so called “hanging shelf with drawers”, but more so a pile of particle board poorly glued together. The poor little creation was obviously beaten around a bit therefore landing itself in the clearance isle. I picked it up and deduced that it only needed a little wood glue and my problem would be solved. It took a little more than that…

I started off by asking my dad for help, because when it doubt get your dad right? Well he glued every little edge and corner possible and the thing is as sturdy as ever (we used Elmer’s Wood Glue). After it was dry, I sanded down the original paint and then repainted it white. I sanded it again to get back the original distressed look. After that I was covered in a solid cost of white dust. 
After it was painted, I once again went to my father for help. I had picked out three new drawer knobs, at Hobby Lobby as well, to replace the current ones since one was missing. I took out the old knobs and realized the screws to the new ones were far too long for the drawers. To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure what my dad did but when he came back inside the new knobs were intact and shortened! Good as new. 
Now my real question is, is it finished? I love seeing a project that I’ve completed. Seeing the assembled and functional drawers as opposed to its original state was truly an accomplishment, but I can’t decide if this is where it ends. 

If you have any recommendation for finishing touches, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment 🙂
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xo Morgan


6 thoughts on “weekday doodles and how tos

  1. Marianela @ Love Vividly says:

    You’re doodle is awesome! I absolutely love it!! Please share more :]

    And well done on the drawer. I think it actually looks pretty good to me! You can hang it up and add the pops of color by placing accent items on top!

  2. coffeeanddaria says:

    Thank you for all your lovely likes on my sets! I think your doodle is adorable! I actually sketched something very similar for a business card concept a while back for my personal styling business (so I may be biased!)

    The redo of the bargain buy is pretty awesome! If you like things shabby chic, you could use sand paper to buff out some of the paint :-). Thanks again for stopping by!

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