seeing brighter through shiny glasses

Aaron Hill once quoted “don’t call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses.” So what is a better way to see clearly than with a new pair?
I absolutely love Kate Spade. So you can imagine my excitement when it came time to pick out new frames for my glasses and my eye doctor was carrying all of her new styles! It, however, take a while to find a pair that fit me (and my personality). I was about ready to settle for a pair of Guess frames but then in the very last moment I saw a pair of Kate Spades and I knew I had to have them. I tried them on and immediately fell in love, as did my mom and my eye doctor.
So, what am I wearing?
I have on the Kate Spade Vivi eyeglasses and I’ve never been happier! I’m not a huge fan of glasses to begin with, they’re more of a hassle in my opinion, but my new pair has changed my opinion quite a bit. The style is much different than what I have previously worn. I adore them! The slight cat eye is so cute and the gold glitter on the back is probably my favorite part about them. Not only are they cute but they’re comfy as well. They’re light weight on my face and half the time i barely notice I even have them on! The perks of cute glasses are the cute glasses cases they come in too.
I’ve found myself wearing my glasses more often than not (for the better of course, my driving has greatly improved) and I like the style they add to my everyday look. My older sister Alex calls them my “blogger” glasses. She thinks she’s funny sometimes.

Also, if you live in the local area I would certainly love to refer you to Rio Eyecare ! It’s run by Dr. Clatanoff and Dr. Planitz, both of whom are incredibly kind and helpful!

If you have any comments on my glasses or would like to share about a favorite pair of your own, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment 🙂
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xo Morgan


One thought on “seeing brighter through shiny glasses

  1. sgsy says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your posts are all so positive and enthusiastic, I feel the sunshine coming through my screen! 😀 Cute eyeglasses by the way. I used to have to wear really thick ones because of high myopia. Then I had lasik done and the only glasses I wear are sunglasses. I’m kind of glad to be rid of glasses – i broke too many in my time!

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