July celebrations

Happy Fourth of July all! I myself have had a wonderful holiday so far. Like I said earlier this week, my family and I road tripped to Colorado. We ended up spending most of the day in Boulder and what can I say, it was absolutely gorgeous! After we had our fun there we headed to Golden and walked around some more of the little outdoor shops. Golden was absolutely adorable and I’ve never had more fun.
One thing I love about being out of town is getting to interact with those I’ve never met before. On our afternoon run to Starbucks in Boulder, I realized my Starbucks card on my iPhone wasn’t working so I asked the barista to see if he could help me out. When neither of us could figure out the problem he asks my order and said the drink was on him. I was delighted! I have never been served by someone so kind. I wish I had asked for his name so I could have properly thanked him, but unfortunately I forgot that little detail. We talked about our plans later for the day while he prepared my drink and later wished each other a wonderful holiday as I left with my drink. If one day you ever coincidentally stumble across this, thank you stranger!!  One kind gesture can really change your day.
Later tonight we’re headed back to Golden for their fireworks show. I thank the Lord for all the wonderful rain we’ve been getting, but hopefully we’ll get a break in time for the lights!
How did all you celebrate your holiday? I’d love to hear!!

xo Morgan


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