living simpler the RA way…

After this week is over, I will officially have completed my first week the job as a Resident Advisor for Casas del Rio at the University of New Mexico.
It’s been a while since my last post, but with moving in, training all last week, and my first full week of work, i have been so busy! However, blessed an unbelievable amount.
One of the first things that Travis, our Resident Director, told us during training, was that we are all a family. Only a week and a half later and I have never found something to be so true.
All of the returning staff has been so helpful and with many hours already logged at the desk, I’m beginning to get a hang of things (mind you I’m a little iffy with phone calls!)
But anyways, my favorite perk of working is my room. Currently I’m living in a temporary room because my permanent room is occupied by a summer resident. This just meant I have the whole entire room to myself for a month! I have a loooot of fun decorating it. i split the two sides (meant for two residents) into my bed side and my desk and everything else side. Where my bed is, is my favorite, mostly because I love the white Christmas lights.
Currently one of my coworkers, Alyssa, is living in the suite next door to me. She is a new RA as well. We have gotten along so well and thanks to her I’ve made more new friends in one week that I did my entire freshman year. Like I said, I’m pretty blessed. 
But anyways, thank you all for reading! I hope that you will comment your thoughts and what not, I’d love to see them! Have a wonderful week 🙂

xo Morgan


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