how to: a room and a love of pink

Like I’ve said before, one of my favorite parts of my room is where I sleep. Now knowing that I’ll be moving out of this room soon, I’m really cherishing the way it looks now. 


I love crafting so it’s a given that almost all of the decorations in my room are DIYs. Right above my bed are a crafted M and a canvas I painted (and can’t forget my Christmas lights). I love the color pink, so it’s fitting that the canvas proves that, right? A white canvas, black paint and the love of cursive really goes a long way. 
The M is simply a styrofoam M. White flowers were stuck all over. It was a gift to me, however the large pink peony and rose were a little touch added by me. 
I hung the canvas and the M up first then I added the lights to the wall. Luckily it worked out well!
The area around my desk is a another favorite of mine. Particularly the calendar I crafted. This was so simple! I found a calendar on Pinterest (currently July is hung up but I have other months as well). I attached it to a wooden craft skewer so that it is easily removeable. The pink string was an extra touch because, of course, I think pink is a nice touch. 

It’s very simplistic but the look of it all makes me pretty happy to have called this room home for almost a month. 
If you guys like the touches I’ve added to my room, let me know! Thanks for reading 🙂

xo Morgan


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