August Goals

It may be a week late, but happy August! and even more so, happy almost Friday!! Friday’s are my absolute favorite days, however this weekend will be anything but that. Why you ask? Tomorrow I will be completely moved out of my temporary room and into my permanent room and then Saturday and Sunday are move in. So that means for me a 48 hour work weekend. It may tire me out entirely, but I am truly looking forward to spending more time and getting to know my coworkers even better, especially with some of our management crew moving next month. So with school coming up and an even newer element of student residents added to my job, I figured I would make another month of goals.

August Goals
1. eat healthier
2. head to the gym more often
3. study LOTS
4. be even more organized
5. create more 
6. clean up and organize documents and pictures my computer, iPad, and phone (again)
7. get to know all of my residents (or try)
8. Watch less Netflix and tv

With a roommate and two suite mates (who I do not know at all) moving in, I figured I’d add being organized to the list again. 
I’m really looking forward to this year. It will be an entirely new experience and I am certainly up for the challenge.

I wish you all a great month,
xo Morgan