how to: candy apples and fall love

What do you get when you mix Disney, food, and being an RA? A very successful program, that’s what. Last night, along with my other coworkers Alyssa and Arely, put on a Snow White themed program for our residents. We decorated the lounge, played the Classic Disney movie, made a green lime flavored “potion” and made candy apples! 
The green drink was made is solely like sorbet, 7up, and frozen limeade. It was pretty tart but everyone seemed to enjoy it! It was the fastest to go.
The candy apples were equally as simple to make. We had six bags of caramel candies with about a half cup of milk and melted it all together in a pot on the stove. Arely and I made the apples and our teamwork was impressive. Alyssa would bring us the apples with Popsicle sticks stuck in the top of them. I would hold the apples and Arely would move the pot so that th  apple would get coated with the caramel. We plopped them on individul plates then off to the table they went. We had quite a few compliments!

So many people came to our program, the overhead picture doesn’t even do it justice. We were so excited to have had so many people show up! We’re hoping to do something like this again for our residents closer to Halloweem time. Who doesn’t love a good themed party and handmade candy apples?

I’d love to hear about your favorite homemade snacks!
xo Morgan


currently craving…

The small amounts of cool weather that has been gracing Albuquerque has me really craving all things fall. My new favorite style is rain boots. 
As I’ve said before, i love boots. I have never owned a pair of rain boots before and the pairs that Rachel Parcell, of Pink Peonies, and Emily Gemma, of The Sweetest Thing blog, are wearing have inspired me. I love the look of Hunter boots, but Joules comes in a close second place.

I love the look of Rachel Parcell’s red boots. They’re so bright and really make a statement. Even though there is rarely rain or snow in New Mexico, how nice would these boots be for the surprise storms?
My favorite cold weather style is boots and a sweater, so pairing together the red Hunters and a cute cardigan make my heart melt. Can’t forget that beautiful Kate Spade black quilted watch either.
What are your favorite fall styles? I’d love to hear from you!
xo and happy fall, Morgan

cooler weather…

This weekend has certainly made the past stressful week full of tests and work that I had, so much better. With the impending fall season approaching, my love for the cold has greatly affected my daily routine. Fall is my absolute favorite season. I enjoy every aspect (minus the wind) of it. This week it was a little cooler than usual, so like clock work I pulled out the legging, fuzzy socks, big sweaters and boots. So really the only thing I wear until spring! 
I treated myself to a hair salon day and decided to ditch the light highlighted summer brown hair and went straight to the deep mahogany brown. It was ceeeertainly a surprise to see after they blew it out, but I love it. Apparently it compliments my “porcelain skin” and “popping bright blue eyes.” Who doesn’t love a compliment as kind as that?

With my new dark, fall inspired hair, yesterday I woke up and it was so cool outside, I naturally  headed to the mall to spruce up my wardrobe. I ending up bringing home a beautiful pair of a gray fringe Minnetonkas! I love them with all my fall-loving heart. They’re so light and make my feet look a little smaller too, which is definitely a plus. And who could pass  a deal like the one I got?? 50% off! A regular $100 pair of boots I purchased for only $50. Some days are just good like that. 

I would love to hear about your fall favorites!
xo Morgan

September goals

With a new month, comes a new print in the Lilly Planner.
So it’s been a while. Blogging and posting take a lot of time and I hate the fact that I’ve had none! I miss it. I miss being creative and crafty, so unfortunately that’s one goal from last month I was not able to accomplish. 
Besides that, I am so proud to day that August was a very productive month for myself. I organized my room and my desk and I watched soooo much less Netflix. I also was on top of my homework and studying. I may only have been in class for two weeks but I’ve had a large amount of homework in every class and finished it days in advance. 
My favorite accomplishment of all is how healthy I’ve been. I went grocery shopping and I’ve been taking such good care of myself. I’ve been running and going to the gym every other day and I just feel so much better about myself. 
Now enough about last month, I want to get talking about the future. This month I’m planning

1. Be more involved around my resident hall
2. Continue to study hard!
3. Run even more
4. Clean up and organize documents and photos on my computer, iPad and phone (yet again)
5. Water color paint even more
6. Detail paint my white drawer shelf
7. Head to Goodwill with some old clothes

Move in at the beginning of the month was so stressful but I’m happy to say that I’ve befriended my wonderful suite mates and roommate. I’ve gotten to know a lot of my residents not only on my floor but throughout all four buildings. My classes are hard, but I am a hard worker and I don’t give up. I hope everyone had a great start to the new school year!

xo Morgan