cooler weather…

This weekend has certainly made the past stressful week full of tests and work that I had, so much better. With the impending fall season approaching, my love for the cold has greatly affected my daily routine. Fall is my absolute favorite season. I enjoy every aspect (minus the wind) of it. This week it was a little cooler than usual, so like clock work I pulled out the legging, fuzzy socks, big sweaters and boots. So really the only thing I wear until spring! 
I treated myself to a hair salon day and decided to ditch the light highlighted summer brown hair and went straight to the deep mahogany brown. It was ceeeertainly a surprise to see after they blew it out, but I love it. Apparently it compliments my “porcelain skin” and “popping bright blue eyes.” Who doesn’t love a compliment as kind as that?

With my new dark, fall inspired hair, yesterday I woke up and it was so cool outside, I naturally  headed to the mall to spruce up my wardrobe. I ending up bringing home a beautiful pair of a gray fringe Minnetonkas! I love them with all my fall-loving heart. They’re so light and make my feet look a little smaller too, which is definitely a plus. And who could pass  a deal like the one I got?? 50% off! A regular $100 pair of boots I purchased for only $50. Some days are just good like that. 

I would love to hear about your fall favorites!
xo Morgan


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