how to: candy apples and fall love

What do you get when you mix Disney, food, and being an RA? A very successful program, that’s what. Last night, along with my other coworkers Alyssa and Arely, put on a Snow White themed program for our residents. We decorated the lounge, played the Classic Disney movie, made a green lime flavored “potion” and made candy apples! 
The green drink was made is solely like sorbet, 7up, and frozen limeade. It was pretty tart but everyone seemed to enjoy it! It was the fastest to go.
The candy apples were equally as simple to make. We had six bags of caramel candies with about a half cup of milk and melted it all together in a pot on the stove. Arely and I made the apples and our teamwork was impressive. Alyssa would bring us the apples with Popsicle sticks stuck in the top of them. I would hold the apples and Arely would move the pot so that th  apple would get coated with the caramel. We plopped them on individul plates then off to the table they went. We had quite a few compliments!

So many people came to our program, the overhead picture doesn’t even do it justice. We were so excited to have had so many people show up! We’re hoping to do something like this again for our residents closer to Halloweem time. Who doesn’t love a good themed party and handmade candy apples?

I’d love to hear about your favorite homemade snacks!
xo Morgan


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