blue + neutral…









This past Sunday I went to dinner with a friend of mine in Old Town. A perfect reason to dress up a little right? And by dress up I mean wearing a little bit of red lipstick!
I was soooo thankful it was a little chilly out. The past week it has been so warm in Albuquerque and I cherish any moment that it’s below 70 degrees.
I added the little blue pop of color of my skirt to the look because my tights, shirt and (favorite) shoes were so neutral. I was also happy with the way my bag went along with the color
pop as well.
On another note, I have a package from Nordstrom coming in this week and I could NOT be more excited for it. I treated myself to some new makeup, it’s a girls favorite thing.
What are some of your favorite beauty products? Please feel free to comment, I love to hear!
Happy Halloween!!
xo Morgan


currently craving: anthropologie…





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Living in a decently sized city, there’s multiple places to shop throughout the day. I’ve found myself particularly drawn to Anthropologie more recently. Their style is so classic and just so timeless. I love it, especially this season’s fall looks and finds.
Being as busy as I was this week (working everyday, programming, and babysitting here and there) I haven’t been into the actual store in so long. So online window shopping is my main source of entertainment for now.
I just wanted to share some of my favorites of the season so far. They’re all fairly easily wearable and so cute!
What are some of your favorite Anthropologie favorites? I’d love to hear from you! 
xo Morgan

pumpkin hunting….








After a busy week last week, I ended my Friday afternoon with a corn maze, and by finding the perfect little pumpkin!
A local Albuquerque farm put on a Fractal themed maze with a pumpkin picking at the end. There was no literal “end” to the maze, it was more of a scavenger hunt for all the types of different fractals located in nature. So not only was it fun, but a little educational too, and you can’t beat the can you?
It was a lot hotter than I would’ve anticipated so I had to go with a shirt, but who doesn’t love sunny afternoons. The maze itself was fall-ish enough for me. All it needed was a hay ride at the end.
The search for my pumpkin was fairly extensive, I’ll tell ya. I circled the entire gazebo they were on for one. I picked up multiple pumpkins. Basically, my defining characteristics of a perfect pumpkin were:
1. plumpness
2. Orange-ness
3. size of stem
4. cuteness
My sweet little baby pumpkin fit all of my ideal characteristics, it was pretty much love at first sight.
This Friday, also Halloween, I’ll be carving pumpkins with a few of my friends so getting to pick the cutest little munchkin pumpkin at the end of the maze was perfect timing really. I’ll probably decorate the little guy with paint and glitter because Halloween is about glamour too. 
The fall season is slowly taking over the desert more and more and I couldn’t be happier. The corn maze was the greatest fall afternoon activity. 
What are some of the things you do on a fall day? I’d love to hear! Feel free to comment all the things you love to do 🙂
Happy Monday!
xo Morgan

wanderlust: nyc…


As every college student does, I have the extreme urge to travel. One place I have wanted to visit all my life is New York City. My sister Maddie and I have built fantasies around the beautiful city. Grow up, graduate college, move to NYC and take over the time (ideas inspired by watching far too much Sex and the City). A bucket list item of mine is actually to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas in the city. How romantic and just entirely magical would that be? Even seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade would be a perfect alternative. 






As I progress throughout my years in college, I realize that all my fantasies about what I’m going to do with my life have become more logical. I would absolutely love to be a New York inhabitant one day, and I am currently in the process of making that a reality. The company that I work for as an RA has many different properties all over the United States. I love working for American Campus Communities, being an RA has made my college experience so much more memorable to say the least. If at all possible I would love to continue working for them at their property in Rochester, NY. A dream come true, right?
Of course, I still have a couple years before I need to even begin deciding where I want to be, my mind will never stop dreaming of New York. Naturally, I consult Pinterest to daydream even further.
How absolutely beautiful are these winter pictures of the city I came across?! I have never been so in love with a place I’ve never known, so I wanted to share them! (Also how great are these photographers) 
If you have ever been to New York please please please comment about your adventure! I would love to hear them more than anything! Happy Saturday!
xo Morgan

rain + mint…







It was a rainy day the other day
and I loved it. Going from class to class with the slight drizzle made a cool day that much more enjoyable. Who doesn’t enjoy a little water in the desert?
Mint is my favorite color of mine so I paired it with a pair of my Destroyed jeans. Since it was cooler I grabbed one of the coziest cardigans I had in my closet. And why not throw in a statement necklace as well? The blue went well with the pastel mint tone of my shirt. My Steven by Steve Madden flats from Marshall’s found their way into yet another day look of mine, they’re perfect and so cute for wearing around campus.
What are some of your favorite rainy day activities? I’d love to hear from you and your friends! Send them over here and comment away!
Happy Monday!
xo Morgan

October sun…






Today has been warmer than most days, which is nice after a week of cooler weather. With a shift at the front desk and a test under way, I decided to go with maximum comfort. 
I took a trip to Marshall’s and found the cutest Steve Madden pointed toe flats. They were a great deal so of course I had to have them. A nice neutral color means they’ll go with just about anything. Versatility is key!
 After Marshall’s I stopped by Forever21 and ended up with my Paris tee, it is so soft! I’m definitely in love with it. it’s casual enough to be comfy but adorable at the same time. 
I paired the new flats and tee with my favorite pair of denim skinnys from American Eagle. Basically the only jeans I actually where are American Eagle brand. 
I added my Skagen watch, a couple of gold bangles and a gold chain bracelet to this look as well. But the Michael Kors cross body purse was probably my favorite addition, who doesn’t love a good designer bag?
Comment some of your favorite accessories and share with your friends! I love to hear from you 🙂 
xo Morgan

balloons and fiestas…








One of the greatest things about living in New Mexico is the International Balloon Fiesta held right here in my home town of Albuquerque. I have been so many times over the years and it is an incredible experience every time. Nothing like a beautiful sky full of balloons.
Granted getting up at 4:30 this past Thursday morning wasn’t sounding to great to me at the time, but it was absolutely worth it.
It was humid and raining all morning so I apologize for the flat frizzy hair.
Have a great week! I’d love to hear from you all and your friends about your favorite fall traditions 🙂
xo Morgan

new year new room…

I mentioned a while back that I would be moving rooms come the beginning of the school. I did move rooms! However I never once showed anyone how the decorating process ended up. Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with the outcome.
Since I only have half of the room I originally had over the summer, (click here and here to see more) my space is much more compact and sometimes I can’t decide if it looks to cluttered or not. Other days I’m content.

My desk/workspace/dresser area tends to get a little cluttered, but besides that fact, I think it is very personalized. Of course I have my twinkle lights hung up, those are a room decoration must! All of my markers, colored pencils, paint brushes, and miscellaneous desk items are in white tin cans. I even got a little creative and painted a donut on one of them. I have small decorations just throughout the room in an attempt to bring a sense of girl but with an even stronger sense of creativity. I really like decorating with flowers. Unfortunately recently I haven’t had the chance to go out and buy some fresh flowers, but for now the fake satin ones will do!

My bulletin board is kind of an organized mess to me. There’s not too much on it but none of it really means anything (haha). I have my name tag pinned at the top mainly so I don’t forget it! (My calendar also still says it is September so I really should fix that, but who truly has the time *wink*)

My dresser display is simple. I have a few candles here and there throughout my room. One of my favorite pieces is my white canvas. It hung above my bed in my previous room, but from this location it is easier to see. I really like the simplicity of it, and it definitely captures my two favorite things. Near the end of the dresser top you can see one of my of my homemade coasters.


I am so pleased with how my bed area ended up. The sheer curtains make it seem so much comfier and welcoming. It’s almost “fairy” like to me, with the twinkle lights as well. I’m kept company by 4 of my closet stuffed friends, they’re such loyal companions. My accents pillows are Paris themed, and so graciously made by my mother.

Please mind the hideous yellow color of my door. But can you tell I’m an RA? I definitely do love the decorations!
Feel free to comment with some of your favorite room designs and decorations and share with your friends! I love to hear from you all 🙂
xo Morgan

what I’m wearing: fall


Happy October! October is possibly one of my favorite months. I love the fall spirit and the approaching Halloween season. Though I may not dress up and go trick or treating anymore these days, I still love all the decorations and my desire to watch horror movies is in full gear.
It has been significantly cooler since the first (which was only yesterday, I know) but i got to break out the long sleeve and pants. I went on a lunch date with my best friend so naturally we stopped by the park on our way back home.

The all white long sleeve in one of my favorite looks because it is simple, clean and absolutely comfortable. I paired it with a pair of olive green skinny jeans (a hand me down from my YOUNGER sister, go figure) and an embroidered espadrille wedge. The wedges I’m wearing are the funniest thing to me. I absolutely love them. They’re cute, comfy, light, and go with almost anything. I get so many complements and constantly asked where I got them. So I proudly answer Ebay. They were a steal for only $15 last winter and they fit wonderfully.


Though my favorite accessory is my newly dark hair, I paired my look with a few other things. I’m wearing my Skagen watch, which was a graduation gift from my grandparents. It’s so light but so classy. Forever 21 and Charming Charlie’s also provided the rings and bracelets I have one. Can’t forget the Kate Spade wallet either!
It warmed up by the time lunch ended so soon enough, the jeans became shorts and on I went with my day. I am so looking forward to the fall weather to come, but who didn’t already know that?
What are some of you best fall looks?
xo Morgan