new year new room…

I mentioned a while back that I would be moving rooms come the beginning of the school. I did move rooms! However I never once showed anyone how the decorating process ended up. Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with the outcome.
Since I only have half of the room I originally had over the summer, (click here and here to see more) my space is much more compact and sometimes I can’t decide if it looks to cluttered or not. Other days I’m content.

My desk/workspace/dresser area tends to get a little cluttered, but besides that fact, I think it is very personalized. Of course I have my twinkle lights hung up, those are a room decoration must! All of my markers, colored pencils, paint brushes, and miscellaneous desk items are in white tin cans. I even got a little creative and painted a donut on one of them. I have small decorations just throughout the room in an attempt to bring a sense of girl but with an even stronger sense of creativity. I really like decorating with flowers. Unfortunately recently I haven’t had the chance to go out and buy some fresh flowers, but for now the fake satin ones will do!

My bulletin board is kind of an organized mess to me. There’s not too much on it but none of it really means anything (haha). I have my name tag pinned at the top mainly so I don’t forget it! (My calendar also still says it is September so I really should fix that, but who truly has the time *wink*)

My dresser display is simple. I have a few candles here and there throughout my room. One of my favorite pieces is my white canvas. It hung above my bed in my previous room, but from this location it is easier to see. I really like the simplicity of it, and it definitely captures my two favorite things. Near the end of the dresser top you can see one of my of my homemade coasters.


I am so pleased with how my bed area ended up. The sheer curtains make it seem so much comfier and welcoming. It’s almost “fairy” like to me, with the twinkle lights as well. I’m kept company by 4 of my closet stuffed friends, they’re such loyal companions. My accents pillows are Paris themed, and so graciously made by my mother.

Please mind the hideous yellow color of my door. But can you tell I’m an RA? I definitely do love the decorations!
Feel free to comment with some of your favorite room designs and decorations and share with your friends! I love to hear from you all 🙂
xo Morgan


32 thoughts on “new year new room…

  1. beetleypete says:

    Thanks for the like on my post. I have to admit that your decorating is a lot more stylish than mine. Then again, you have youth on your side!
    Best wishes from Norfolk, Pete.

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