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Merry Christmas Eve! I feel like I’ve been waiting for today for years, but it has been a whole year I guess (haha). 
I am so happy that it is fiiinally cold enough to wear big thick sweaters. I’ve recently grown quite fond of cowl neck sweaters. It’s so warm and soft, I feel like I’m wearing a blanket all day.
One of the best parts of being home is getting to see my little puppy Pixy. She was groomed yesterday and is basically a brand new girl. who doesn’t love a clean, good smelling doggy?
Christmas is my favorite time of year and I’m so happy to be spending it with the people I love. My older sister flies in today and I think that is the best gift of the season. 

What are some of the things you look forward to this holiday season? Have a safe and blessed Christmas!

xo Morgan


Christmas lights…













This holiday season so far has been a wonderful one. It’s been absolutely busy as well! One of the highlights so far was being able to take a break from everything and spend time embracing the holiday spirit. A few friends of mine and I took a night off and went to the River of Lights at the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens. I have been a few times over the past couple of years and I always love it. It was insanely busy this year but I was lucky enough to get some great pictures of my favorite lights with no other people in them!

The gardens had not only the lights set up but a few small winter snack stands as well. What trip is complete without a cupcake and some hot cocoa? Basically winter heaven.

So blessed to have the River of Lights so close to where I live. It’s always a wonderful time. What are some of the things you do where you live? I’d love to hear 🙂

xo Morgan

season decor: christmas…










With 5 days until Christmas, I decided I would finally show you my room decor! I decided to take it seriously this year since I knew I wouldn’t be home for most of winter break to appreciate the way my mom decorated our house. I wanted to truly feel the Christmas spirit now matter where I was.
I got most of my decorations at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. Here and there a couple Target items popped in there.
More importantly I finally treated myself to the infamous Anthropologie mug! I have wanted one for so long. Rachel Parcell’s is what inspired me…
The last image on here is a shadow box I put together for my bathroom. There’s a few drawings of my own, some pictures from Pinterest and a holiday Lilly Pulitzer graphic. I am really happy with the way it came out. It added an extra pop to the bathroom. Who doesn’t love decorations?!
Let me know some of your Christmas decor favorites! I would love to hear 🙂

xo Morgan

holiday happenings…






Finals are over and I’m happy to announce I successfully passed all my classes and I’m just a few weeks away from applying to business school. How crazy is that? This semester has been an insane one, I can’t even begin to describe the things that have happened but I stayed strong and made it through it all!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve made a blog post. With stress of finals taking over almost immediately I had time for nothing but studying! I’m glad to have time now to take a break and do the things I love.

Thanksgiving was a much needed break from the mess of school. I went home for the day to see my family. Dinner was delicious. My mom is an incredible cook. I thank my lucky stars she was so blessed in that department (haha). I was given the task of table decor and I was fairly happy with the way it turned out. I went for a lighter look but incorporating those Thanksgiving and wintery touches.

Holidays also call for a few sister pictures (and of course some of them were sister selfies). I love my little one Maddie, she’s graduating this year and I can’t quite grasp the reality of it all. I still remember the trouble we used to cause…

A couple of days ago during my intense finals studying my dad sent me a picture of the decor at my house. It looks amazing!! I’m so excited to go home and see how cozy it is. I’ll be posting the holiday decor I have in my dorm room currently soon, so look out for it 🙂

I hope you all have a safe and blessed holiday season this year!

xo Morgan