Living in a dorm, my interior design possibilities are very limited. The past few months I’ve done nothing but sit on Pinterest and just pin the day away daydreaming of beautiful interiors for the home I one day own. I have high hopes for my first apartment by my self, a touch of girly is always a good idea, right?
I absolutely love furniture so I was delighted when I came across Chairish online! It is an exclusive curator approved, online marketplace for vintage furniture. Not only was the furniture perfect, but the website was so fun to look at too, and that’s always a plus! I was specifically drawn to their chairs. I love bright pops of color, and some of the chairs I came across were exactly what I could imagine sitting in my future home.
I put some styles together below with some images I found online from Pinterest, hope you enjoy!

I immediately knew I wanted to style a room around this pink chair. With white details it was gorgeous!

These two chairs are both pretty wild, but I love cheetah print and the other blue chair was just as pretty. I thought touches of gold would work well with both chairs. 

These last two are polar opposites! The dark blue chair is so clean looking it’d work well with just about anything (including zebra stripes). The purple chair on the other hand was so bright and a little out there, but I love it SO much! I think styling them in white rooms would really brighten up a room.

I hope you liked the stylings I chose, feel free to comment what room decor you love! Also head over to Chairish to see where I got my inspiration 🙂
xo Morgan





Happy Thursday!

It’s been so cold recently and I’ve never wanted the spring weather more. My birthday is this Monday, and ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted a summer birthday. My childhood birthday parties consisted of bowling or anything indoor but I’ve always wanted some nice outdoor party. A girl can dream, right?

This year I’m hoping to go to a nice dinner with some friends, so dressing up is a must! I styled two looks that would be great for this kind of occasion, however they have a very summer-y feel to them (haha).

I decided to style these two looks around the two rings. The rings are from Invaluable, the world’s premiere online marketplace. Invaluable features all kinds of styles of rungs, watches, other jewelry, and antique collectibles. I especially love their ring collection. Rings are such a fun way to add flair to a look! All their pieces are beautiful and unique. 

I can’t believe I’ll be 20 on Monday, not a teenager anymore! Do you have any plans for the long weekend? Hope you all have a wonderful week, thank you for reading!

xo Morgan

icy wonderland…

It’s been a few weeks, but I’m so excited to share my vacation trip with you all!! I thought my pictures came out great 🙂













With classes starting tomorrow, I can’t help but feel like winter break went by far too fast. Today I took a sick day (I came down with a cold) and was feeling very nostalgic about the cabin trip I took only a week ago.
Last weekend a few of my best friends and I road tripped to Chama for the New Years weekend. I had the most fun I’ve ever had in a fairly long time. We stayed in my friend’s family cabin and made it a home for a little. We would get up early to sled and stay up all night playing board and card games.
Who knew that deer were so brave up there! Throughout the day, deer would stroll up to the porch and we’d feed then some deer food. Quite a little experience!
Not to brag, but I was fairly pleased that I picked up snowboarding last weekend too! I guess I’m a quick learner. I do have a lot more practice to do though…
The view was beautiful. We drove up on the snowiest day of the year so far but the weather over the weekend was more than enjoyable. I can only look forward to going back.
Happy New Year !!!

xo Morgan