beach vibes…

Happy weekend and happy spring break to those of you enjoying this week off! I myself am soaking up the sun in Long Beach, CA.

It’s been years since I’ve been on a beach and when a good friend of mine offered to vacation with me I was so over the moon! Leaving the 40 degree weather for the mid 80s here was a great decision, but not only that but the sky has been so clear. I’ve been so blessed to have come out at such a perfect time.

Today I spent the entire day on the water. I headed to the beach this morning then later hopped on a boat and cruised around the Marina. It was incredible. 

I had on a little sun dress I purchased from Forever21 last year. I hadn’t worn it too much until now, it worked as a perfect cover up. Even more importantly were my sandals I got from Target a couple of days ago. I love the black strappy look and I’m so happy that Target had this style. 

What are your plans for this break? I’d love to hear from you all!

xo Morgan


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