boardwalk + greys…

The past few days, I’ve had the best time exploring Long Beach and all the areas around it. 

Yesterday I spent my time in downtown Long Beach walking around the pier browsing all the shops along the marina. I rented a little bike and ride around the sidewalks. 

It was HOT yesterday. Usually there is a slight breeze coming off the water, but it was burning. This dress was perfect for the weather. It was light and flowing. Even better was it was a $10 find at Forever21 a few years back. I’m not sure who said Forever21 didn’t have quality products, but I am always a happy customer!

What have you been up to this week? If you’re a California local, have you enjoyed the clear skies?? I know I have!

Hope you all have a relaxing Monday 🙂

xo Morgan


6 thoughts on “boardwalk + greys…

  1. jessikachan says:

    you’re right in my neighborhood!! Although I have enjoyed the blue skies, I (unlike the rest of the country) wish that it would stay cooler longer cause we haven’t had too cold of a winter.. and we definitely need more storms to roll around. Don’t know how much longer you’ll be in LB but definitely try out Paradis Ice Cream!

    • fentonmorgan119 says:

      that’s totally reasonable. Where I’m from it had been so cold I was happy to get away from it! and sadly I’m not there anymore but I will definitely head there! I might be going back to Long Beach in August for the boat races so I would love to give it a try 🙂

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